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Console Opinion Summaries, Part 2: The Third Generation – Atari 5200 and 7800, NES, Master System, and Colecovision

That’s right, it’s not a mirage, it’s an actual update to my ‘Console Opinion Summaries’ list!  This took way too long, so for future entries I probably should cut back on the history portions that are done much more completely … Continue reading

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Game Opinion Summary Article Hyperlink Updates – Finally Completed!

So, I’ve spent some time over the past few days working on finally finishing up the tedious but worthwhile task of adding hyperlinked Table of Contents sections to my Game Opinion Summary articles. It may seem simple but it is … Continue reading

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Opinion List: My Favorite Console (TV or Handheld System) Games By Platform (lists for each system) & A list of how much I like each console relative to the others I own

This post is a purely opinion-based list of my favorite games for each of the consoles I own.  This is only a console list — I will do a PC list separately because it’d be too hard to do them … Continue reading

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Atari 5200 Game Opinion Summaries – Unpopular or no, I like this system!

Table of Contents Background & My Thoughts on Getting the System System History The Controller Astro Chase Berzerk Centipede Defender Dig-Dug Galaxian Joust Missile Command Kangaroo Pac-Man Pengo Pole Position Popeye Qix Space Invaders Star Raiders Super Breakout Super Cobra … Continue reading

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