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PC Platformers Game Opinion Summaries, Part 13: Digital-Download 2d games (Part 10)

Yes, it’s finally an update to this list! This time I cover five games. One I like a lot, while the other four have some positives and negatives. With this update I’ve almost reached the end of the alphabet for … Continue reading

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Article Updates Again

I haven’t written summaries recently, though the next update of that list shouldn’t take too much longer, but I have continued updating my old Game Opinion Summary articles with Table of Contents lists that link each summary, and also putting … Continue reading

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More Updated Old Posts

So, continuing on my work of adding hyperlinks into all of my old Game Opinion Summary posts/lists, adding a table of contents with links to all titles in the article, plus direct links to each game in the Table of … Continue reading

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Old Article Updates

So after for years just not wanting to deal with how time-consuming it would be, I’ve finally started updating my old Game Opinion Summary articles to add in a Table of Contents with links to all of the titles in … Continue reading

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The Issues of Kickstarter Crowdfunding, and Crowdfunding and Digital versus Physical Game Preservation

There are two sections to this article, each separate but related. Both are issues I’ve been thinking about for some time, but the release of Torment: Tides of Numanera reminded me of some of them again, so here I have … Continue reading

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