Important update to the previous article and small site update

When I went back into my screenshot folders to work on the next update in the Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots article series, which will post soon, I found an error I should have noticed last time — the second screenshot batch in my previous post actually goes after the third one, not before it. In fact, actually, it goes after another small image set that I hadn’t posted yet! So, in order to keep the screenshots in chronological order, I re-organized the previous post, moving the second part to the end and adding a new part three with 13 new screenshots in it.  Some captions were changed as well, to reflect the correct time.  I thought about putting both of those parts into a new post here, but I think that this way makes more sense both chronologically and in terms of how many screenshots are in each article; the next one will have plenty of its own.  So, readers here who are caught up will need to go to the previous post to see the first new content, before moving on to the next one. Sorry about that.

Additionally, I finally added the Guild Wars Memories and Screenshots page into my Table of Contents… by making a whole separate second contents page for it.  This is a different kind of article series from the others I have done, and that main Table of Contents page is quite long as it is, so I decided to make a new second page for it.  It is in the top bar to the right of the main Table of Contents, and also is linked to in the main Table of Contents page at the appropriate points.  This page links all articles in the series, and forum threads on several forums that are copies of or references to the series as well.

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