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A Short Article On Nintendo Closing Miiverse

So I was working on a new update to the PC Platformers Game Opinion Summaries article, when… Starcraft Remastered released, and I’ve barely played anything else since since the original Starcraft is my favorite game ever and it is still … Continue reading

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Article: Why Zelda: A Link to the Past is Overrated (but good)

———— Introduction ———— I love the Legend of Zelda games, they are among the best! Indeed, I have sometimes considered it my favorite videogame series. This action-adventure franchise is amazing thanks to its great gameplay, graphics, music, and design. I … Continue reading

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Article: Losing Rare, and How Nintendo Lost Western Developers

I have started on a PC Platformers Game Opinion Summaries list, but that will take a little while before it gets started.  Today, though, I’ve got this!  This article was based on posts I made in this NeoGAF thread here, … Continue reading

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Article: “Nintendo 64 Controller” Famiclone Systems: The Super Joy III and Power Joy Pirate Consoles

This is an improved, rewritten upgrade of a post I wrote in 2012 when I got the Power Joy system described below.  These things are pretty interesting pirate game units, and it’s cool to have a few of them. 🙂 … Continue reading

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Zero Wing (TCD): My Levels 9 & 10 Strategy

This is a little followup article inspired by a comment I received about my recent Zero Wing review for the Turbografx-16 CD, wondering how I got past level 9 in this difficult game.  Here’s what I did.  This probably won’t … Continue reading

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A History of Midway Games (and related companies)

I first got interested in Midway because they made many of the best arcade games of the ’80s and ’90s. They were one of the best publishers on the Nintendo 64 as well, and that is, of course, my favorite … Continue reading

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