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Review: Splatoon (Wii U) – A Surprisingly Great Shooter from Nintendo

… Sorry the site was down for a couple of days. Fixed. And here’s a new review too, finally, of a game I have been playing a lot of for the past month or two. Introduction Splatoon is an online … Continue reading

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Review: Dragon Egg! (TG16) – A Good but Rushed Platformer

I’ll get back to my PC Platformers list soon, but I had to do this review first… Platform: PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16) Year: Released 9/27/1991 Developer/Publisher: NCS Masaya Title: Dragon Egg! Introduction & Story Dragon Egg! is a cartoony platformer NCS … Continue reading

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Class of Heroes 1 (PSP) Review: Addictive, Grindey Dungeon-Crawling Fun, and Frustration

Okay… so, several years and like 150+ hours into playing this super addictive but at times nightmarishly unfun grinding simulator (or at least that’s what it is right now!), I really should write something about it, shouldn’t I? I mean, … Continue reading

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Game Opinion Summaries: Gamecube

This is a new list. It’s my longest game opinion summaries/short reviews article yet, and yeah, it’s pretty long. I guess I’ve gotten more verbose than I was five years ago when I started on the PS1 and 32X lists… … Continue reading

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Recoil (PC) Review: Zipper’s Great Tank Action Game

Recoil is a simple and arcadey third-person tank shooter, a popular subgenre in the late ’90s.  I have quite a few tank shooters from this era, including Battletanx and Battletanx: Global Assault on the N64; Grudge Warriors, Battletanx: Global Assault … Continue reading

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Netstorm (PC) Review – Battle in the Skies of Nimbus in one of the best games ever!

In addition to the recently posted Mega Man in Dr. Wily’s Revenge, the other review I posted on the internet in 2001 was this one, for the classic 1997 PC real-time strategy game Netstorm.  I first played Netstorm from PC … Continue reading

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Avenger (Turbo CD) Review – Under Defeat’s under-rated, and great, TCD spiritual predecessor

Title: Avenger Platform: Turbo CD (PC Engine CD) Developer: Telenet Japan Publisher: Laser Soft Release: December 7, 1990 (Japan only) Intro The Turbo CD is a great, and important, console. Designed by Hudson and sold by NEC, it was the … Continue reading

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Game Opinion Summaries: Sega CD (Mega CD) – The Genesis’s Good Addon

Platform Summary and History — Ah, the Sega CD, Sega’s first disc-based platform. The Sega CD was released in late 1991 in Japan, fall 1992 in the US, and 1993 in Europe. The system attaches to the Sega Genesis, and, … Continue reading

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Guild Wars 2 (PC) Beta Weekend Event 2 Impressions

Guild Wars 2 Developed by ArenaNet and published by NCSoft For PC.  Game is not yet released and is still in beta.  First open beta test was in May 2012. Note – this is the second BWE, and the third … Continue reading

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