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Old Article Updates

So after for years just not wanting to deal with how time-consuming it would be, I’ve finally started updating my old Game Opinion Summary articles to add in a Table of Contents with links to all of the titles in … Continue reading

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Sega Saturn Game Info Box Color Codes & List of if Saturn Shmups Support Saving

I made this list back in early 2009, a while after I got a Saturn, because I wanted to know exactly which Saturn shmups save, after learning that Darius Gaiden and In the Hunt don’t.  This version of the list … Continue reading

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Game Opinion Summaries: Saturn

I have 71 Saturn games, including 6 imports, not including the two demo discs, so it’s a whole lot less games than that N64 list I’ll post soon, but it’s a nice collection. I don’t have an import-heavy collection, so I’ll be reviewing a bunch of the Western Saturn releases that people often seem to skip over. Some are good games. The list is complete, but I’m sure some work could still be done to improve it even more. I’d also like to add all of the save file sizes. Continue reading

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