A couple of updates to posted lists

I updated a few lists posted in the past, so here are the updates.

Update #1

First, an update to the Futuristic Racing Games: The Complete List list.   This list is, of course, always a work in progress.

7/31/2015 – Added Victory Lap (Arcade), an obscure Sega arcade racing game; Spectra 8bit Racing (for Windows Store – for Windows 8/10), PC, Mac, and Linux); PAM: Post Apocalyptic Mayhem (PC Digital Download); Distance (PC, Mac, and Linux) – the game is out, so it has been removed from ‘upcoming’, though an upcoming PS4 port has been added; Race the Sun (iOS, Android, and Wii U ports of this PC game have been added to Upcoming); FAST Racing Neo (Wii U) added to Upcoming; and Hot Wheels World Race (GBA) added — somehow I’d missed listing the GBA version.

I’m sure there are more games to add, but this is a start at updating this list; it’s been almost a year.  There aren’t many futuristic racing games anymore, but there are more to add I am sure.

Update #2

And second, an update has been added to TurboGrafx-16 & PC Engine (HuCard and CD) Save and Save Backup Unit Information & Incomplete Compatible Games List.  I played Brandish again recently, and found an interesting feature that I overlooked before.

MB128 games with a manager that allows you to view what files are saved to the MB128, but not necessarily to copy blocks back and forth from the system


Brandish (Hit Run, choose Load, then choose the lower-left option from the six-option grid on the screen that appears [note: this screen only appears when a MB128 is connected.].  It’s in Japanese text, directly below Save.  This screen shows a list of the files saved to the MB128.  They don’t have file sizes because each one is 1 ‘block’, or 2KB.  Each memory backup (from, say, Emerald Dragon) or game save from a MB128-compatible game creates a file that takes up 1 space on the MB128.  Here you can see what’s on the unit, and delete files if you want.)

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