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So after for years just not wanting to deal with how time-consuming it would be, I’ve finally started updating my old Game Opinion Summary articles to add in a Table of Contents with links to all of the titles in that article. I’ve started from the beginning, so the Saturn article now has these features. It took a while, but it makes the article easier to navigate.

While I’m at it I’m also checking my old articles for spelling errors again, and found a few and corrected them. I’ve also made it so the web links in a few early reviews, those from before the Saturn summaries article, are now actually links. Additionally, while looking back at them, I’ve made some improvements to the text here and there; in particular I’ve tried to remove parenthesis in all those places where I like to put entire sentences in them, because even if these articles are not copy-edited, at least I can do this. I haven’t actually changed the contents of the summaries, however, with only one exception: in the Saturn article, I made repeated mentions of “2.5d” fighting games when referring to titles like Virtua Fighter which are in a 3d arena, but don’t let you move in 3d with the up and down or shoulder buttons, but instead only shift in 3d with attacks. I much prefer fighting games to allow you to move in directly instead of only with moves, but even so they really are not truly 2.5d — that term should be reserved for games which play exclusively on a 2d plane in their gameplay, such as Street Fighter IV and such for instance, not for titles like these which have 3d shifting in attacks but not moves. I don’t like making content changes to older articles, but this is something I should have changed years ago really.

But anyway, most of the work here was in implementing the links. I will continue with this despite how long it takes, though I probably won’t make a post like this for every article I update, as there are quite a few.

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