I, Brian (aka A Black Falcon on the internet) am a video and computer game fan with a masters’ in history.  I like talking about games and making lists and long posts. :p

Most of the reviews, previews, etc. here I also post, or posted, elsewhere, usually NeoGAF and Tendo City (though occasionally other forums as well, such as Sega-16 or PC Engine FX), but I think it’s worthwhile to have it on a blog too, blogs and forums are different.  On a blog like this they don’t get buried and lost, which, for posts like these, is a good thing I think. 🙂  It puts all of my work in one place, which is great.

Most screenshots are borrowed from GameFAQs; it’s either that or I’d have no pictures here, because while I like writing stuff, making my own screenshots is not something I enjoy, or could do for newer consoles that can’t be easily emulated (off-screen wouldn’t be ideal…).  The images that rotate in the site’s top bar are my own photos of bits of my collection, however.

All of the text on the site and the top-bar photos is my work.  Don’t copy it.

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  1. V says:

    Love the article on Genesis games. I have a stack of them and enjoy reading the gist and impressions as I go alphabetically down the list. Great fun! Better than a YouTube Playlist I have to sit through.

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